Gleichstellungsbeauftragte Landkreis Stade

Anne Behrends

Tel.: +49 (0)4141 12 1005

Many people of different nations have already found a new „home“ in the Landkreis Stade. Others are still looking for people to get to know in their new villages or towns. Getting into contact with people, getting to learn the German language and to understand German structures and the way of living, is an enormous challenge for arriving refugees and immigrants. So it’s necessary to have good social networks with other people, who can answer their questions and and help probably.

This website wants to give you information about people who can possibly be interesting for you. If you’d like to visit an international event especially for women living in your town or in your village, have a look at the map. You will see, that there are meetings for women in some places of the Landkreis Stade (you may of course be accompanied by your children). Having breakfast, drinking some tea, dancing, chatting, joking and laughing is what is going on there. You can meet Germans and other female immigrants. Inform yourself and get into contact! Here a short video about the "Frauenfrühstückstreffen im Alten Land". You should get to know meetings like this one!

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